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Since 1983, participants in the Write Smart ® plain writing program have come from business and government organizations, House and Senate offices, Washington law firms, and nonprofit organizations. You can start with our 90-minute introductory Webinar — Writing and Editing Your Rough Draft — which includes a 240-page eBook.  Learn how to... 
•  Meet the "clear, concise, well-organized" requirements of the Plain Writing Act and the  
   OMB Guidelines.
•  Keep it simple — use plain language and cut long-winded explanations down to size.
•  Eliminate redundant phrases and ambiguous sentences.
•  Shape the message to fit the reader.
•  Develop a lively, active style and avoid the passive voice.
•  Catch common grammatical errors that may confuse the reader.

If your staff responds positively to the presentation and content in the introductory class...
»  Write Smart offers seven follow-up programs (from 6 hours to 40 hours) to address the needs of people with different skill levels and responsibilities. Learning new techniques means breaking old habits, and that doesn't happen overnight.
»  You can choose between on-site training and eLearning, depending on budget constraints and geographical factors.
»  Courses in advanced writing and basic grammar — as well as one-on-one individualized instruction — are available.
»  All of our plain writing programs adhere to the best practices that are standard in America's publishing industry and are spelled out in the U.S. GPO Style Manual (2008). 
»  Your staff will find the training stimulating as well as informative. After all, you can't expect to develop an engaging writing style in a boring class!
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“[P]oor organization, poor writing…misspelled words…grammatical errors…vague, confusing." 
– Comments from a Merit Systems Protection Board report on the quality of Federal Government writing
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Plain Writing Training and Professional Development — since 1983
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