Punctuation...doesn't indicate the length of pauses, but instead signifies logical relations. - Annie Dillard 
Now, your students can master the Common Core State Standards for grammar, sentence structure, usage, and punctuation by playing the online Game of GrammaText. Combined with the Write Smart 12-Step System — a simplified, 21st century approach to clear communication — the Game of GrammaText is a fun and innovative way to develop strong writing and critical thinking skills. The focus is on observing the patterns of English (not by memorizing lists of rules) and by applying the techniques used by professional writers and editors in America’s publishing industry. In the process, students will gain a new understanding of how to integrate these techniques into their own writing, 

As the National Council of Teachers of English pointed out a few years ago, there are many educators in this country “who wonder what to do about grammar — how to teach it, how to apply it, how to learn what they themselves were never taught.” The Write Smart eBook guides both teacher and student through the structural intricacies of the English language, which has emerged during the last 60 years or so as the international medium of science, technology, and commerce. Students will sharpen their skills by treating sentences as word puzzles and by playing online games of increasing difficulty. In addition to the 42 games specifically related to the steps in the Write Smart System, new games will come online three times a week.

Direct instructional programs are also available. Since grammar and punctuation are areas that many teachers do not approach with a great deal of knowledge or enthusiasm, Mike McClory offers online classes (via WebEx) that can be streamed right into your classroom. Professional development classes for educators (administrators as well as teachers) are also available. 
How to learn essential English language skills by playing a game!


"Just because you get good grades, it doesn’t mean you understand the subject that well. Mr. McClory’s book gives great examples and explanations of what to do.... Teachers need to tell the students what they are doing wrong and how to improve."  – High School Student

"I learned more about the English language in this program than I learned in four years of high school (in honors English classes). Mr. McClory explains everything and answers all questions with ease."   – College Freshman

"This program supplemented the brief bits of grammar learned in high school English. Some concepts introduced in the section on style were completely new to me. The most interesting parts were the simple things no one had ever bothered to explain to me."  – High School Student

"Mr. McClory' provides clear explanations of subjects that I had always found confusing, especially punctuation."   – Middle School Student

“Beyond knowing the rules of grammar and usage, Mr. McClory integrated the history and purpose of different terms to make concepts easier to understand.”  – High School Student

"The textbook makes excellent use of examples.... Schools should put greater emphasis on the fundamentals to create a solid base for each student’s growth."  – College Sophomore

“Mr. McClory reviews the entire structure of the English language. My high school classes skipped over parts.... The most interesting thing I learned is how to use punctuation correctly."                                                                                                        – High School Student

“I have been in TAG English for the last five years. I remember learning a little bit about the things presented in the course, but a lot of it was new. The teacher makes English exciting, especially the grammar part."   – Middle School Student

“Mr. McClory's approach is easy to follow and understand. He gives great examples and uses different methods to explain how the English language works."   – College Freshman

“For me, English is a second language. Even though I got good grades on most of my writing assignments, I never really understood why one way of saying things in English worked better than another. This course changed all that. Thank you." – High School Student
For information about a 90-minute demonstration class — Introduction to Write Smart — send an email to information@writesmart.com
Here are some comments from students who have 
participated in Mike McClory's Write Smart classes. 
"Mr. McClory's work with our faculty was reflected in our students' improved scores 
on standardized state tests. I, too, have referred frequently to his book and have found it extremely helpful." 

John Porter
Principal (1984 - 2005)
T.C. Williams High School
Alexandria, Virginia

“Lincoln had long before realized the deficiencies of his education, and resolved…to master the intricacies of grammatical construction.”  
                – William Herndon,  Lincoln's law partner
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