Step 1: Writing and Editing Your Rough Draft

In survey after survey, frustrated employers voice the same complaint. Most Americans, regardless of their level of education, have a hard time turning good ideas into good writing. In the Age of the Internet, the ability to translate ideas into lean, clean English sentences — quickly and professionally — often makes the difference between success or failure, for organizations and individuals alike.

A few years ago, an article in Fortune magazine noted that most professionals in the workforce are deficient in “skills such as writing.”  Referring to “the many sins of high schools and colleges,” the article bluntly stated that most college graduates fall short when they have to “persuade others of their opinions or write concise explanations.”

More recently, a New York Times article echoed that concern, pointing to “the large numbers of college graduates who lack what should be basic skills in writing . . . the basic price of admission to the new global economy.” For most people, writing is the frustrating part of the job, not the fun part of the job. In the 90-minute Introduction to Write Smart: Writing and Editing Your Rough Draft (online training via WebEx), we'll look at a series of useful writing techniques that you can start using right away. Best of all, the cost is just 99¢ per participant — including a 240-page eBook, which covers everything from the fundamentals of grammar and punctuation to the finer points of organization and style.

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Introduction to Write Smart
What is the Write Smart 12-Step System?
The Write Smart 12-Step System — it's simple, it's stimulating, and it works!
There’s not much to be said about the period except that most writers don’t reach it soon enough.   – William Zinsser
The Write Smart 12-Step System is a streamlined, 21st century solution to an age-old problem: How to translate important information into plain English. By understanding how to apply 12 basic organizing principles, you'll learn how to work with the fundamental techniques used by America's top professional writers and editors. And Write Smart makes the "boring stuff" interesting by treating the English language as a game: the Game of GrammaText®.